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Important Google update – June

Jun 1, 2014

Google rolls out Panda 4.0

Another large Google update has rolled out for SEO.
The Panda updates are all about content, focusing on the text and pages.
If you have been hit it’s time to start looking at your text.
– Is it completely original?
– Have you copied another site’s tag line that sounded great?
– Make a scheduled time to regularly add more content to your site.

Ebay hit by Google’s Panda update

Panda 4.0 has had a massive impact with about 7.5% of English search results effected.

Ebay has been targeted by this update and dropped from Moz’s big ten ranking system from #6 to #25.

Google Docs webscam

If you receive an email with the subject line document or with a link to Google drive or Google Docs be very careful.

There’s a scam going around which links you to a Google login page, which looks very real. If you do login the scam makers will have your Google account so if you think this has happened to you quickly change your account password.

6 SEO tips you thought were true

1. Clicking my site will rank me higher
Sadly no. To some degree Google knows how customers interact with your site and this includes clicks, time spent and where they leave.
But clicking on your own site lots and lots of times will do next to nothing. Your much better off writing new and interesting content.

2. Links don’t count
A rumour that makes the rounds every few weeks is ‘SEO is dead’. Especially after the Google updates of last year links have decreased in value. But mostly they now only count if they relate and make sense to your business. Links still count, you just need to make them right.

3. Guest blogging
Similar to the last point. This still works, just don’t be sneaky about it. Paying to post on blogs is obviously bad as is posting on non related sites.

4. You just need good content
Yes and No. For very niche industries having a very specific article will rank you number 1. It’s when you have lots of competition with lots of links where this won’t work, especially for small companies. A plumber having a great article on S bend pipes wouldn’t get many shares or links. That’s why it’s quicker if you manually share this yourself or pay an SEO guy to do this for you.

5. Authorship ranks you higher
Initially it was thought adding authorship to your site would rank you higher. This has not occurred to any great effect but maybe it will down the track. Currently it just seams to tell Google who you are and what pages you have contributed on the web. This might help Google clump results together.

6. Social media is all you need to rank high
So far social media doesn’t seem to have much of an impact. Its definitely a better quality signal to humans and Google will put more push on to it over time.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the best tips for Social media and SEO?

A: Sprinkle some SEO into your Social Media marketing.

Occasionally use a keyword like “web design Melbourne” and link to a relevant page.
Make it interesting – the more shares, likes and pluses the better.

So no point filling it with keywords and tooting your own horn. A funny image can go a long way.

Also, add your business name to your shares every now and then for branding.

In Facebook and Twitter especially, use hash tags like #webdesign. This will allow your post to show up for people all around the world. You’ll be amazed how many people will then follow, or like your post.

Don’t be afraid to connect with your competition. Google can see these connections and if you have lots of followers in the same industry sharing and liking your posts this will boost your ranks.

Once you know the big players in your industry you can even tag them into your posts – which will boost the number of views that post gets.

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