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Mobile and responsive website design

Mobile and fully responsive websites Melbourne

Why do I need a mobile/responsive site?

Having a simple and easy to use website will increase your sales. Part of this is making sure your site changes to fit the device your customer is using. Some of our customers have had their sales increase by as much as 40% when they have converted to a responsive website.

  1. Having a mobile site will make navigating your site easier for your customers.
  2. Mobile/tablet usage is increasing each year, so don’t miss out on sales by closing your doors with a big bulky site.
  3. A faster mobile site will keep your customers coming back for more.
  4. Include clickable phone numbers that instantly let the customer call you!

What is a fully responsive site?

Fully responsive means that your website will fit every device. At┬áCultivate Digital we ensure your site fits all kinds of mobiles, tablets and lots of PC’s like LCDs and laptops.

What’s the difference between a the older mobile type and the new responsive type?

This is very important as it can have a huge effect on your marketing and business!
An old mobile site would redirect the customer to a totally different site with a simpler layout and menu than your desktop website. From the customers’ perspective this is frustrating as they would be taken to another url (eg. or and lose the page and content they were looking for as they were on a completely different page.

A responsive site doesn’t go to another url, it all stays the same! The only thing that changes is the style and design which we shrink to fit onto a mobile device, tablet or other monitor size.

The benefit of this is the customer always gets to the content they searched for – no funny business!