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How Much Does a Website Cost in Melbourne 2021?

May 4, 2017

The burning question for most people eager to build their brand online is “In Melbourne, how much does a website cost?” At Tyranny, we have found that this is frequently asked and requires a multitude of questions to be answered before proceeding.

Whilst it could be easy to rattle off a figure, let’s discuss a few important factors when selecting a company to create your website. Firstly, what does high quality mean to you? From one person to the next, it could mean a completely different thing. By definition it is very subjective but when referring to websites it can take into account the quality of the design, the text and the overall feel as you navigate through the pages. Before discussing pricing, it is important for us at Tyranny to understand what you, the business owner, require from your website.

The main factors that determine your website’s cost:

  • Customisation of the design and development
  • If its a template based site
  • The size of the design company

Our websites range from $1,600 to $3,900 for a new hand built website

There are cheaper options for modifying an existing website