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Facebook Ad Hacks to Send Your Sales into the Stratosphere! – April

Jun 2, 2017

Facebook Ad Hacks to Send Your Sales into the Stratosphere! 
Why is social media so important for your business today? Well, let’s look at the statistics…
Social media is booming and the majority of people spend more time using these platforms than any other internet activity (this includes email!)
As of August 2015: Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users, Twitter has 316 million monthly active users and Instagram has 300 million monthly active users.
Your audience can be found on social media but how can you reach out to them? Using Facebook ads is a proven way to attract people when they are ready to buy.

Here are three ways to maximise your expenditure on Facebook:

#1 Pay Less for Ads!
Your Facebook Relevance Score is a metric that analyses components such as an ad’s relevancy (keywords, to ad text, to landing page) and the click-through-rate to ascertain a score on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being the highest. If your Relevance Score is above 5, you could end up getting a discount for each click. For instance, with a Score of 8, you could pay less per click than the advertiser below you with a Score of 7. 
So, how do I create an ad that will save me money? If you have an AdWords account, deduce your most profitable ad. Use this as a base to develop a derivative ad and it is likely that this strategy will also be successful on Facebook and lead to a higher Relevance Score.  

#2 Social Remarketing: 
Remarket to visitors that have come to you via a specific search. Facebook’s remarketing through the ‘Create a Custom Audience’ tool allows you to find more visitors that are much more interested in what you are selling and are more likely to buy. 


#3 Broaden your Current Customer Base:
Reach more individuals who share similar traits with your current customer base (eg. age, gender, and interests.) By accessing this information you can combine your current customers with your potential audience to increase conversions. Track conversions in AdWords or Google Analytics and use this to develop a lookalike audience for Facebook that has a higher likelihood of converting as individuals with similar attributes already have. 

So, using these three hacks you can potentially pay less for your ads and convert more sales. If you need any support setting up your social media accounts please contact us here at Tyranny.
Happy Facebooking!

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I make my ad’s score higher in Adwords and Facebook?

A: These following tips should increase your score and drop your costs:

  1. Include keywords that match the group you have placed the same ad in.
  2. Write interesting and enticing text.
  3. Link the ad to a subpage within your site that relates or includes the keywords from your ad group.

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