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Why you should care about Long-Tail keywords!

Aug 27, 2020

Firstly what are Long-Tail Keywords?

These are low volume, less competitive keywords. The benefit of these are that they are easy to rank for and generally convert into a sale.

Due to the volume or number of potental sales, this isn’t enough and we recommend that most of our clients work these into blogs and publish them every month.

Over a year then that becomes a noticable increase of sales to their bottomline.

Long-Tail Keywords are very, very important!

Around 70% of search traffice is Long-Tail keywords. Volume is great but it takes a very long time to rank for compeitive keywords and sometimes (depending on what you choose) it is even impossible.
I think a great side project is to think like a customer. Write blogs about problems or fact-finding searches that your potential customers would be typing into Google.

According to Google’s advice on improving your conversion rate

‘Generally, more specific keywords like “Acme 710c” tend to lead to a better conversion rate than general keywords like “Acme.” That’s because people searching for specific models or product numbers have typically already researched their product and want to make a purchase.’

So how do I find Long-Tail Keywords?

A quick way is to start typing into Google and look at its suggested list. See here:

Then create a blog (for example) offering solutions to most frequently serached problems. Using the example above, a contractor could write a blog around the downsides of DIY and the potential problems you could face without a qualified tradesperson. Thus, encouraging potential customers to see your services and be more likely to contact you.