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Why you need to be on Google+ for SEO – May

May 1, 2013

Why you need to be using Google+ – May

Recently jeffalytics conducted a fairly scientific study into +1’s on a new sites ranking. The results are amazing.

They created 4 totally new sites, one had no Google+, another had a new Google+ created and linked up, the third site had a existing Google+ linked to it but the posts in Google+ didn’t match what the site was talking about.
Finally the last site had an existing Google+ linked to it and its posts matched the same niche that the site talked about.

Needles to say they found that the fourth site went from no where to page one. While the third site moved to page 3 and the others didn’t move much at all.
So get posting on Google+ and make articles that relate to what your site talks about.

Read more here.

Google sometimes gets page titles wrong

Recently I had a customer ask why their second site had the wrong title. In Google it was displaying as their original companies name and not their actual name.

Google sometimes thinks it knows better and changes the title from what’s inside the sites code.
Why? Hard to say, it might be a listing on a forum, blog or directory. Could be the hosting or domain name info using the same ABN.

So what’s the solution? Google your brand name and check every listing for the mention of the wrong company name. Check the same for the other business.
Then make as many new listings on free sites as possible, stating the correct name.

You can read more here on Search engine land.

Amazing animal logos using negative space

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Just for Fun

Beer label uses amazing German type face.

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