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Website hacked help in Melbourne

Jun 27, 2018

Types of hack/virus/malware

The most frequent issue that I have come across is to do with emails. The hacker or virus, uploads a file that sends out tonnes of spam pretending to be a new email account on your site.

What to do if my email is hacked and how to fix it?

Sometimes a file is uploaded to your site that is a virus or adds a link to try and infect your customers.

In rare cases we have seen real customer’s emails get hacked and this is generally due to using a simple password. Changing the password and a virus scan normally fixes this.

How do I fix a hacked website?

Firstly, try and find the source of the hack. Was it the hosting?, was it the website platform? eg: WordPress.

Were your emails also hacked or was it just a compromised website?

Once you know this you can try and prevent it from happening again.

Your first task would be to change all passwords. This includes, FTP, Cpanel and sometimes even email passwords.

The above technical speak might cause some frustration or confusion so feel free to call us on 1300 502 466.

We can solve your hacked website problem here in Melbourne.

Removing the hack/virus/malware

So how do I fix my hacked website?

Software like CXS and CXF will prevent and remove most of the problems.

A good host will run these for you for free. The hacked websites that we have encountered ran no virus protection.

A backup is also a good way to fix the problem but you might lose some of your latest emails and website changes.

Check how often your hosting provider runs a back up, as most don’t.


WordPress is by far the biggest website platform out there which makes it popular for hacking and viruses.

Keeping wordpress up-to-date is almost mandatory these days so, having a plan or package in place is ideal.

Also, regular backups and weekly scans on your site are highly recommended.

We’ve dealt with dozens of website hacks over the years so call us now

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