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Tips on how to make an amazing website

Jan 4, 2021

  1. Navigation

Start with a clear navigation. The simpler and cleaner this is the more users will say “wow, this site is easy to use”.Keep to 7 or less main menu links and 5 or so dropdown links.

Non critical pages like privacy, terms and info heavy pages can be added to the footer.

2. Phone numbers

Make sure your phone number is clear and large.
It ideally needs to be in your header and footer.But most importantly make sure the phone is a link and clicable to call you.No one uses pen and paper anymore.

3. Landing pages

Create unique landing pages for specific topics.So say you’re a plumber that specialises in Gas plumbing. You better make sure you have a specific page all about that.
Don’t just phone it in.The more the better, be original and detailed.

4. Trust

Include trust-building content.This may be social proof such as testimonials.
Include certifications, awards or other logos.
Include social media links.

5. Whats next

The customer shouldn’t be wondering whats next.Include a call to action on nearly every page. Make it easy for visitors to contact you.
Most importantly keep forms simple and quick to fill out.