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Targeting Younger Markets in Reviews

Nov 1, 2020

With mobile phone usage always growing we thought it might be worth looking into how and why we should target younger markets.

Going by the survey below, we can see that the majority of 18-34 year olds are searching for local businesses daily.

However, the percentage of ‘Never’ has grown dramtically. Why?

Brightlocal proposes that its the backlash from influencers, possibly sematics or a move back to word-of-mouth.

Do young people use online review

Again the amount of ‘Yes’ is very, very high but it has changed again over a year.

This trend is moving towards the negative and distrust. As younger generations grow up on social media and Google, the question is, have they become increasingly skeptical?

Average number of consumer reviews read

So, how do businesses combat this?

– Create more genuine reviews, product video testimonials rather than just text.

– Take photos of the customers.

– Have the customers put more thought and effort into their reviews.

– Use different review sources other than just Facebook and Google