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South Australia’s new logo – March

Mar 13, 2013

South Australia’s new logo – March

“Our doorway welcomes opportunity. Everyone plays a part in greeting opportunities at every level. Including the people that simple live here and enjoy a world-class lifestyle,” website Brand South Australia stated.

The new logo cost US$1.38 million.

The latest browser stats

2013Internet ExplorerFirefoxChromeSafariOpera
February13.5 %29.6 %50.0 %4.1 %1.8 %
January14.3 %30.2 %48.4 %4.2 %1.9 %

Google launches help centre for hacked sites

Click here for their first video.

For a long time Google has been letting site owners and visitors know that they have had a virus or malware enter their site.

They are now taking the next step with some helpful videos on how to fix the problem.

Bing improves their auto suggestions

Two new improvements to Bing are the auto suggestions for past searches and suggestions based on what the user has started typing.

Google has had something similar since 2010 which is instantly displayed.

Firefox’s new branding for IOS and Android

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I decrease my Adwords click costs?

A: By providing high quality Ad text and keywords that match. The high the CTR the more Google will lower your click costs.

To make your AD text really match your keywords you can create Ad groups. For example if you sold Kids toys and sports equipments you wouldn’t lump them together as Google would probably show your Ad for a keyword about sports and Ad text for kids toys – the end user would click through to your site and be more inclined to leave because they dont get to your sports page instead they land on your kids pgae.

Just for Fun

New umbrella that lets you text while keeping dry.

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