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Small business websites Melbourne

Jul 13, 2018

Small business websites can vary greatly in cost.

Our pricing is very reasonable and our quality is high due to our small, hands-on approach to business

Just like cars, websites can vary in price

Can you only afford the second hand Corolla of websites or, are you on the middle of the ladder looking at the website’s equivalent of a new Ford or Toyota?
Or are you a huge business looking for extremely high quality finishes, a dedicated team of consultants…essentially the works, like a BMW or Mercedes?

Deciding on your requirements is critical in getting comparable quotes

There is no point calling random website designers and asking how much?

You won’t be able to compare apples to apples.

A better idea is to first work out how many pages you need and their names. Eg: Home, about, services – is this a dropdown with specific sub-pages, contact us?

Try and think of what kind of information you’ll have on your website’s pages. Is it just text and images or is it something more technical?

What features do you require? Most sites will have a contact form and a Content Management System (CMS.) Others will have blogs, shopping carts and customer logins. The list is extensive and the complexity goes on.

What are some sites you like the look of and why? Is it the colours or the features or even the layout?

What do your competitor’s websites do well, or badly?