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Need more customer reviews?

Here’s how to get them:

Using our SEO software we can help you expand and grow your business through reviews and sales via SMS, email and live chat.

Cultivate Digital has brand new SEO software that gives you the opportunity to gather feedback from your customers, anytime, anywhere!

Through the software, a URL is provided that automatically redirects customers to your branded page and allows them to write a review, straight away.

All you need to do is create a template you’d like your customers to use, select the review site and then generate the URL link. It’s that easy!

You can specify where you’d like reviews to be left (e.g, Google My Business,) and your customers will be redirected there.

Our SEO software can be used via the following platforms:

Email: The first platform is via email. This is where you can generate more reviews through request emails. Using our SEO software you can create a URL for any Email Service provider, such as Mail Chimp, Hubspot etc.

It doesn’t just stop at emails. You can also add the URL link into regular newsletters, a receipt template or even underneath your auto-signature. There are opportunities everywhere in email!

Text Message: Over 94% of SMS’ are opened in comparison to 21% on average for email. Why not utilise this for your reviews? Your URL link can be sent as an SMS to customers and with a mobile-responsive and fast landing page, your reviews can be written quickly and promptly.

Side note: Not many business use SMS as a review tool. You can be in groundbreaking territory!  

Your Website: Of course, adding the link to your website is the next step. We can code the URL link into your home page, on your confirmation page once a purchase has been completed or even as a pop up.

Live Chat: If Live Chat is a feature on your website or you use Facebook Messenger, our SEO software can easily generate a URL to ask for feedback after customer issues or needs are fulfilled. It can even be used with Chat Bots.

In Booking Systems: Booking systems such as The Fork, Bookeo or Simply Book can also be enabled with our software. The URL could be added with the confirmation email or even as a thank you note.  

Receipts/Business Cards: As a physical receipt, the Cultivate Digital created URL could be most effective. Encourage staff to ask for a review when handing over the receipt. Further, add it to your business card so that customers and competitors know that you are open to reviews!

The URL is not limited to receipts or business cards, it can be used on all printed matter such as invoices or pamphlets for letter drops.

Anyone can use our SEO software!

Please contact us for more information about this revolutionary software.

Questions and Answers

Q: What’s the best way to maximise my reviews?

A: Pushing your customers to review you on external sources like Facebook and Google Maps is by far the best option because you can replicate these on your website and also they help push you up the ranks on both Social Media and with Google.

Just for Fun

Here’s Who Runs The Show: Paul Wagstaff

A website developer and a business owner since 2004. Cultivate Digital is a boutique web design studio located in Melbourne, Australia and is now a top 5 rated web design agency in Google.

Paul has a lifelong passion for building things online and applies a high quality ethic to every project he takes on.

He is also an incredibly dedicated business partner who loves helping small businesses get online in record time with a minimum of fuss. He works with his clients personally and the reviews prove how much his clients appreciate his down to earth, honest and transparent approach.

When Paul isn’t working, you may find him exploring the moon through his 12 inch Telescope, reading a good book, or listening to Dr Karl and other science podcasts.