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Maximise your posts for all age groups – newsletter August

Aug 4, 2015

Generation Gap

The below info graph has some amazing insights how different generations use websites.

Here are the main points:

  1. Post your content between 8 PM to 11PM, posting during this time will reach the biggest audience.
  2. Optimize your site and content for mobiles. More than a quarter of Millennials use mobiles to view content.
  3. Keep your content to around 300 words, all generations tend not to read past this limit.
  4. Gen X uses Twitter to share content. 70.4% more than Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers use Google+ as a primary content sharing platform 92% more than Millennials.
  5. Millennials tend to share memes 54.7% more than Baby Boomers. Generation X likes sharing slide-shares 49.6% more than Millennials. Baby Boomers prefer sharing images and videos the most.

Questions and Answers


Q: How do I merge my old Facebook business page with my new one?

A: If you own two Facebook pages that are very similar, its a good idea to merge them. Whether its by accident or you are a new owner, its good to combine the checkins, ratings and information.

Here are some points to look out for before merging pages:

  • You can only keep the history of one of these pages. You’ll be able to pick which tho. 
  • Once merged you cant go back.
  • You must be an admin of both pages to merge them.
  • They have to have a similar name. 

Go here to merge your pages

Facebook will message when its done. Or the reasons they have rejected your request.

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