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Marketing Trends in 2022

Dec 1, 2021

The marketing scene moves at the speed of light so we have pinpointed 4 trends that will continue to grow in 2022.

  1. Mobile optimisation will continue to be significant.

It’s not unexpected that people are investing more time and energy into their mobile devices. Indeed, a huge slice of internet-based traffic comes from mobile phones, including tablets. What’s more, as the Gen Z population keeps on spending, mobile-optimised web pages will be significantly more indispensable as we market towards them and their increased purchasing power.

2. More organisations will utilise SEO to grow.

Without search engine optimisation your site and content is about as discoverable as can be expected, particularly on Google. You need SEO to be found. There is no point investing all of your funds into a website to then leave the marketing to chance. It would be like opening up a shop without telling anybody.

SEO isn’t new. We spend a significant amount of time talking about it but that’s because it works! And as it turns out many of its techniques are turning out to be considerably more instilled inside many advertising procedures.

Most brands pool resources into SEO specialists who can assist them with everything from search experiences, answers, to interactive media advancement. Need a hand with your SEO? Contact Cultivate at or call 0409402670.

3. Video advertising will continue to reign supreme.

Video advertising is a cost effective way to get your message across in a fun and casual way.

“Video makes a more profound association with your potential client base and it is simple for brands to repurpose video content into web recordings and text-based substance,” Neil Patel CMO and Co-Founder of NP Digital, has written.

Previously, video creation and advertising methodologies were restricted because of exorbitant fees and creation costs. Today, it’s significantly more open to everyone. With less expensive options, video has become a good way to promote business endeavors.

Further, you don’t need to enlist a specialist to make videos anymore. All you’ll need is a mobile phone, willing participants and an editing application.

4. Blogging isn’t going anywhere.

Contributing to a blog has been advertising 101 since brands began building their own sites. Yet, it shouldn’t be discounted because every second person you meet had a blog. Truth be told, writing for a blog has been utilised for such a long time just on the grounds that it works.

Research has shown that most customers read blogs on numerous occasions each week and have bought something from a brand due to perusing the organization’s blog.

Beside giving your business added customers, blogs offer another significant advantage to your site or online pages: search discoverability. All that work you put into your blog allows Google to link back to your site as you are a trusted expert in the field you are blogging about.