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How to increase your sales – September

Dec 13, 2013

Google keyword tool deleted

Google has removed the amazing keyword tool and replaced it with the keyword planner. Whilst is much better for Adwords its now hard to know what keywords to chase for SEO.
One of the pros is that we can now hyper drill down into local keywords and see stats on suburbs and so on. We can also filter out keywords below a certain search volume.
The main con is that we can’t select broad or phrases match we can only see exact match results. Which means the search volumes are much smaller and not as accurate. Device targeting is also gone, so the new tool just lumps phones and tablets in with the PC searches.

Do you keep a list of failed leads?

I know I don’t, and I am just starting this now and I’ll tell you why.
I recently went to a group coaching session where they talked about failed leads.

They showed us that 68% of failed leads are still potential sales.
The vast majority of these have something pop up like “we’re too busy”, “family issues” or holiday leave etc…
So the coaches big push was to put these people on a newsletter list and keep them informed – with a intro email telling them why you have added them and to unsubscribe if they like. You’ll need to entice them to stay – free info and helpful tips.

It’s a bit more work but now you will have access to another 68% potential sales.

Always provide next actions!

ABC – always be closing. When writing your text on your site always keep in mind how you should be directing your leads. This doesn’t mean a big buy now button. Something helpful within the text like “want to know more?” link. Don’t leave a dead end on any page, always direct them on what to do next.

Questions and Answers

How do I convert more sales?

I think the most common mistake is not showing the product. It’s surprising how most sites only talk about a product and include maybe 1 image.
If its a physical product that’s not too difficult. But if its virtual or a service this can be harder.

The more images the better, 360 views, videos and so on. So for example if you’re a cleaner show a before and after. Show the happy client faces or maybe a video testimonial so potential buyers know exactly what they are getting.

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