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How Much Does SEO Cost in Melbourne 2024? How Much Should You Pay for SEO?

SEO in 2024 – So much more than another expense!

SEO is fundamental to your business and you need it, plain and simple. If you have a website then SEO is the next step in progressing your company. Unless your business relies solely on word of mouth or you have no need for anyone to search for you on the internet, it is vital. 

SEO shouldn’t be seen as another gimmick, another upsell from your web design company rather, a way for you to make a profit on your investment. While cheap SEO can definitely save you money in the short term, it can hurt in the long run. Google continually penalises businesses for spam links and inappropriate content, and guess who is penalised? The SEO company taking your valuable money? No, it’s you!

An average of prices per month for SEO in Melbourne. 

SEO is not one size fits all! We need to determine:

  • Why is SEO important to you and why do you think your business requires it?
  • What are your SEO goals? What do you want to achieve from working with me?
  • How will we measure success? 
  • What key metrics will we use?
  • Is this something you will continue for an extended period of time or do you need a quick advantage (eg. AdWords)?

As you can see above the majority of agencies use a monthly retainer which is an overall charge each month for the work completed. The fixed cost means you can budget towards other business expenses and most packages are simple and easy to understand what you are paying for. At the other end is performance-based SEO at 14.89%, the costs of which can vary between extreme and very cheap. The difference here is that you will either have an SEO company who charges you a ridiculous amount for their time or someone who will pick the cheapest and easiest keywords to rank so you will pay them. Unless, you have very deep pockets or a no need to rank for varied and highly-sought after keywords, then this probably isn’t the best choice for your company’s SEO.

Cultivate Digital SEO pricing

Here at Cultivate Digital we cater to all businesses. Most of our customers want sales over ranks. In many cases this comes down to their past experience of cheaper companies delivering ranks but not sales.

Most of our clients spend $900 to $1,700 a month

Our main features are:

  • Complete transparency – of vital importance to us!
  • Weekly rank reports and sales metrics.
  • Weekly updates on blog posts, citations, articles, directories and all other work done.
  • 9+ emails of work completed throughout the month. Most SEO companies will only send 1 report per month.
  • Getting you conversions/sales rather than pure ranks.
  • General social media setup and optimisation – most SEO companies do nothing here.
  • Small hands on agency willing to answer any questions, no more waiting in a call centre queue!

Here’s Who Runs The Show: Paul Wagstaff

A website developer and a business owner since 2004. Cultivate Digital is a boutique web design studio located in Melbourne, Australia and is now a top 5 rated web design agency in Google.

Paul has a lifelong passion for building things online and applies a high quality ethic to every project he takes on.

He is also an incredibly dedicated business partner who loves helping small businesses get online in record time with a minimum of fuss. He works with his clients personally and the reviews prove how much his clients appreciate his down to earth, honest and transparent approach.

When Paul isn’t working, you may find him exploring the moon through his 12 inch Telescope, reading a good book, or listening to Dr Karl and other science podcasts.