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Happy Easter, Google April fool jokes – April

Apr 4, 2015

Happy Easter

April Fools | Try backwards Google 

Try and Google your business with this link below:

Google’s April fool joke – play Pacman 

Click the link below and in the bottom right corner you should see a pac man box. Select that and have fun!,145.1100075,15z?hl=en

Why Trade Marking your company is a good idea

I recently had a client whose competition was targeting their brand name in Adwords.

Long story short Google now allows a competitor to use your brand name as a keyword, however if you have your brand name trade marked they can’t use it in their ad text.

One horror story I found:

“I remember one case where Yellow pages was bidding on an exact match to one of my clients brand names, sending that traffic to the directory (where that customer didn’t even show up on the first page.

Funny thing is, my client was still paying Yellow pages a bit of money. So they were in essence taking that money and using it to drive traffic to their competitors instead.”

A good example is Dominos chasing the keyword “Pizza Hut”, you can see they pop up at spot 2 in the Ads but do not mention that keyword in their text as that phrase is trade marked. Dominos can still chase the keyword “Pizza Hut”.

Link here: 

Adwords policies here:

Social media ideas you should be using

1. Share what you do best
– This might be your niche, price difference, quality.
– Always include a call to action.
Perfect example:

2. Be Clear
– Dont be shy, tell your audience what you want them to do. Is it to share a post, like your page or buy via a link?
Perfect example:

3. Know what your audience is looking for
– This might be something seasonal, an upgrade or a special.
Perfect example:

4. Talk like your audience
– Is it relaxed or professional? Is it funny or serious? Feminine or masculine?
Perfect example:

5. Ask, and ask and ask
– Ask your customers to retweet or share your posts, you’ll be amazed.

  • Adding “RT” (retweet) to a tweet – retweets improved by 73 on average
  • Adding “Please Retweet” to a tweet increased retweets by 64 on average

Questions and Answers

Q: Where do I create my social media accounts?

A: Facebook:

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