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Google My Business Update = Free Advertising for you!

Mar 1, 2021

Recently, it has come to our attention that posts created through Google My Business are remaining active even after the previous 7 day deletion rule. 

So, what are Google Posts? 

If you are new to this read on – if not skip ahead to the next paragraph. In 2017, Google My Business added a new feature where business owners could post events, offers, news etc., through their listings. Prior to the latest update, these listings would be active for seven days before being deleted. Posts were accessed through the Knowledge Panel.

So what is new about this? 

Posts that previously were deleted after 7 days are now sticking around long after the fact! Previously, while many SEO personnel and local businesses commended Google Posts they weren’t a fan of the brief nature of posted content and put many people off from using it. Now, previous Google Posts from days, months or years ago are being displayed in the Knowledge Panel of the business. Also, if more than 2 posts are available there is an option for the user to scroll down and consume previous content. 

It seems unlikely that this is just a test by Google as people around the world are reporting the same results. SEO professionals have always praised the Google Post feature as a way of engaging searchers. However, the feature was always underused and we can only assume this was due to the limited nature of posts. However, now that posts have no expiration date it is worth spending time creating content and investing in this feature to sell your business.  

So, with all this in mind, now could be the time to reinvigorate your Google Posts by updating it regularly with tips, tricks, news and offers from your business. Just be sure to filter through your old posts and remove any content that could confuse potential customers or is no longer on-brand.

To recap:

  • Posts within Google My Business are staying visible indefinitely
  • Prior to the update, these posts were only available for 7 days
  • Google Pages makes it possible to get your message across to your customers via Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)