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Google Hit with Another Scam! – Newsletter May

Jul 13, 2018

Google Hit with Another Scam!

A scam affecting the Google Chrome browser has once again put Google’s security measures at the forefront.

Beginning with a fake message, it warns the user of an error, the bug then uses malicious code to lock up the browser. Malwarebytes, an anti-malware software company, has conducted tests that have shown Chrome remains unresponsive for periods of time and that Windows (Operating system) can become unstable if run for extended durations.

Once the code has penetrated the browser, it is locked and a fake warning comes onto the screen asking the user to call a number. A person, posing as a a tech-company employee asks for sensitive financial or personal information to fix the problem.

This is where it becomes a problem for the user in question. The fake message incites fear and many people have willingly handed over personal information to the scammers. Other scams doing the rounds include offers of fake gift cards and deals. Chrome is the most widely used browser so, the majority of scams have been reported from this platform however, other web browsers can be affected as well.

Can it be fixed? Depending on your operating system you can either “end task” using Task Manager in Windows or “force quit” in macOS. You will also need to reset the browser so that the fake message is deleted and doesn’t keep locking up the browser.

What’s the take-away message? No company that is legitimate would ever lock up your browser and force you to pass over sensitive information to them. If you are ever in this situation, end the task and reset your browser.

Questions and Answers

Q: What virus programs should I run?

A: Here is a list – most have free versions.

– Avast
– Malwarebytes
– Spybot S&D
– Norton

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