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Google data scam – have you been hit? – June

Jun 1, 2017

Global Data Breach. Have YOU Been Affected?

1 billion Google users worldwide have been put at risk of a phishing scam when a highly sophisticated email was sent recently.

It asked users to click on a shared Google Docs file which was in fact the worm. It took users to a real Google Security page where you would enter your details and this information was recorded.

From this, the worm would forward the email onto contacts, reproducing itself hundreds and thousands of times.

If you did click the link, try not to worry too much! Google has investigated the worm and says that the offending accounts have been shut down. If you have an account with Google it might be worthwhile to review it using ‘Google Security Check.’

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I protect myself from email scams and viruses.

A: Be extremely careful of links and attachments that weren’t sent to you by trusted contacts. 
Bank emails, Google Docs, word documents and pdfs are all common ways to get hacked.

Delete anything suspicious and hover over any links before clicking them – making sure to check that the web address matches the company you want to visit.

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