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Ecommerce website cost Melbourne

Jul 23, 2018

Here are some handy tips we’ve discovered over years of refining Ecommerce websites in Melbourne.

Via split testing and customer feedback we now have this list below that you can use to perfect your current site or what to include when asking for quotes, costs and prices on a modern ecommerce website in Melbourne.

1. Why do customers leave a shopping website?

  • Customers don’t expect the increase in price when shipping or GST is added.
  • Customers need to feel secure. For example: SSL and lock icons, clear trust factors, phone and address info.
  • Customers leave their computer; Life crops up and they have to urgently leave.
  • Customers love to research and compare prices then they look at the quality of a product.
  • Customers love seeing their trusted payment options such as Paypal or an Australian system such as Eway.
  • The website is hard or impossible to use on mobiles and tablets. Fully responsive websites is the key here.

2. Check out layout

Make your checkout a visual experience and let the customer know what postion they are in during the process or, simplfy it with a one page form that is extremely short.

3. Show your best selling points

Trust factors are the key here. Do you have free shipping? Do you include gifts? What cards or payment systems do you use?

4. Clear cart page design

Clearly show the costs, items with images, the colour and other options picked. Add the ability to change orders here too.
A good addition is a mini cart that pops up when the customer hovers over the cart item. This saves a customer a click and they won’t lose their spot within the website.

Clear call to action buttons show the customer how to finalise their order.