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Cultivating Visibility Online

Apr 30, 2021

The pandemic has taken its toll on business worldwide, especially those of us who operate a small company. If you are someone who relies on word-of-mouth or foot traffic this time has probably been especially hard on you. So, we have compiled 4 ideas to get you back on track and drive your business upwards. 

  1. React, don’t attack!

In an uncertain time it’s important to focus on positives and the need to cater to a dynamic market. Many businesses changed tactics quite drastically during lockdown and went from operating solely as brick and mortar stores, to ones that focused on items that were in great demand. Take, for example, the many gin distilleries we have in Victoria. Rather than complacently wait around for relief and subsidies, they focused their efforts on creating the thorn in the side of Covid 19: Hand sanitiser. Quickly, other businesses saw the potential of this and moved from managing physical stores to offering home delivery, contact-free postage  and click and collect. With rules and regulations constantly changing this is a tactic that is more likely here to stay. Embrace the times and listen to what you customers want and need, then make your move. 

  1. Partner up.

Many other businesses are in the same boat so why not join forces to beat that raging tide? Pool ideas together and access each others’ contacts and customers. Be careful to find a company that aligns with your values though or you’ll risk alienating your core market. A good example of this is the collaboration between businesses to create a social media competition where the winner gains a selection of goodies from a range of companies. To enter, the user needs to follow all of the businesses who are advertising the competition. You could also host a joint event, eg. a restaurant invites a brewery to share their collection of beers with their clientele for a limited period of time. Or even produce a collaboration together like Gorman who regularly invites artists to design a range of limited edition clothing. Social media is the quickest and cheapest way to get your message out there. Utilise your family and friends as well as past clients to like and share your content so you can get your brand out there.

  1. Repeat, repeat, re-marking is a treat!

Re-marketing is to businesses, like chocolate is to peanut butter. Indulgent, slightly nutty but overall a very, very good idea. The concept is simple. Why spend your dollars on people who are not interested in your brand or what you are selling? Instead, market yourself to the people who have been browsing at you online. Essentially, the person interacts or looks at one of your online advertisements. Remarketing will then re-target that user further on down the track like, “Hey! We saw you looking at us before! Still interested? We’ve got a great deal for you…” I mean you don’t have to sound that desperate but you get the gist. Someone interacts with your ad, moves along, then remarketing will target them again down the track. Facebook is very good at this. 

  1. Get that website optimised.

There is no point going to all of this trouble to market online if you have no webpage to send them to. Worst yet, having a really old unresponsive version that only works on a desktop, when all on your customers use mobile devices. Refresh your website and content to reflect what is going on with your business right now. After all, there is no point advertising the extravagant 5 course lobster dinner if we’re all stuck at home in lockdown! 

Keep it concise and on point. There is nothing worse than heading to a website that hasn’t been optimised and watching the bounce back rate continue to grow. Users need to be able to navigate your website to find what they want straight away. Everyone is busy and there are plenty of other businesses out there that do what you do. Make sure yours stands out for all of the right reasons. 

Covid19 and the on-flow effect of lockdown has forced all of us to move away from traditional methods of selling to focus on digital markets. Adjusting the strategy that you have in place will accommodate the needs and wants of your customers. After all, there could be a whole new market out there begging for what you sell. Increase your online visibility and watch them come knocking!